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Should Lucia decide to do so, this is where she would put interesting info
Lucia’s Yet Unused Page :)
Name: Lucia Cordeiro
Age: 5
Birthday: August 28th
College: CSULB
Major: Adapted Physical Edu.
Favorite Book: Surf USA
Favorite Movie: Dumb & Dumber
Favorite Food: Whole Wheat
Favorite Quote: I love you (anon)
Lucia’s Photo Albums
July 2006
May 2006
March 2006
My favorite songs
  1. 1.Hello, Beautiful
  2. 2.One of These Days
  3. 3.One Funky Cat
My favorite links
  1. www.loremtincidunt.com
  2. www.rasnliber.com
  3. www.roinmetusurnaporta.com